The club enables you to connect with members from a variety of backgrounds, and potentially meet new business partners.
Knowledge sharing
The club provides a platform to acquire, discuss, and transmit science-based knowledge pertaining to sustainable development.
Club meetings are also an opportunity to promote your sustainability-related initiatives, products, and services.
Working together as a group can help each member feel supported and motivated in the realization of his/her ISDP.
In the group chat as well as during monthly meetings, other members can provide feedback, answers, and suggestions to your thoughts and inquiries.
Free consultations
If you need further help in realizing your ISDP, you can also receive free consultations from other members of the club in their area of expertise.


  • Define and share your Individual Sustainable Development Plan (ISDP)
  • Provide regular updates on the progress of your ISDP
  • Help other club members achieve their own ISDPs
Science-based research
  • Identify and research a specific sustainability-related topic
  • Present the results of your research in a way that enables us to refine the SDG+ framework
  • Get acquainted with other members' research topics
Club promotion
  • Share our materials with your network
  • Identify potential club members and guest speakers
  • Interview prospective members