• Exclusive use of English in both written and oral communications
    Operating in English promotes inclusivity and optimizes communication among members from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds.
    This also provides opportunities for members to develop their language skills, thus enabling them to gain a better understanding of global sustainable development issues. Indeed, many SDG-related academic resources are published in English.

  • Monthly online club meetings (via Zoom)
    We operate exclusively online as we consider it the most sustainable format: environmentally friendly, safe, inexpensive, and widely accessible.
    Club meetings are recorded and published on our public YouTube channel.

  • Monthly meeting structure
    1. Self-presentations
    New members are required to introduce themselves to the other members of the club. We ask you to prepare a short presentation with information about yourself, your expertise, and your expectations regarding our club.

    2. Project presentations
    Members have the opportunity to present their own sustainable development-related projects, initiatives, and ideas. The group can help improve and/or implement those projects by providing informed feedback and suggestions.

    3. Individual Sustainable Development Plan (ISDP) presentations
    Similarly, each member presents his/her ISDP, and receives feedback and support from other members.

    4. Research presentations
    Members can share the progression and results of their SDG-related research projects, and benefit from the feedback and suggestions of the group.

    5. Guest speaker presentations
    Guest speakers (i.e. non-members) are regularly invited to discuss a specific topic related to sustainable development. Following the presentation, members are free to ask questions and otherwise engage with the speaker.

  • Club meeting summaries
    Club meeting summaries are available for members who were not able to attend. This ensures that everyone is up to date on the group's progress and recent developments.

  • Telegram chat

    Members can easily and continuously connect with each other, and collaborate on sustainable initiatives.
    Members can receive and provide consistent support and feedback to each other.
    Members are instantly notified when club meeting summaries are published, and when upcoming initiatives are announced.

  • LinkedIn group
    In all transparency, the group allows prospective members to browse through the club's current members, their experience and expertise, and the types of initiatives we are involved in.
    It can also serve as a platform for members to showcase their accomplishments and share their experiences with the wider professional community, thereby adding value to their online profile and potentially unlocking new opportunities.