Partnerships & Funding

Having grown exponentially over the past couple of months (+87 members within a few weeks), we have decided to expand our Public Relations strategy. This includes reaching out to potential new partners systematically and on a global scale. We are also awaiting official approval of our legal status as a Nonprofit Corporation 501(c)(3) under Texas Law, enabling us to receive public funding as well as tax-deductible private grants.

If you are interested in partnering with or sponsoring the SDG+ Club, please reach out to our External Relations Manager Ottoline by email, Telegram (@ottolinemary), or LinkedIn.


Our cooperation will benefit both parties through...
  • Increased visibility, which can bring about new resources (potential followers, partners, and sources of funding)
  • Exchanging advice and other ideas in each other’s area of expertise
  • Setting up joint projects and events (e.g. our recent talk on Global Earth Day 2023, co-hosted with Living Cities Earth)

We welcome propositions from all types of organizations, located anywhere in the world. Our only requirement is that you share our commitment to sustainability. As a think tank in the making, we are especially keen to form partnerships with research and educational institutions.
Our current partners include:
Living Cities Earth
An interdisciplinary action research network, connecting 10,000 cities and a web of integral experts serving Gaia’s well-being.
Social Systems Lab
A not-for-profit design studio & social innovation lab prototyping and incubating tools for a transforming world. They build open source civic technology to enable deeper connections, better information sharing, and more democratic decision making.


Sponsoring us will help to maximize our positive impact on society by…
  • Ensuring the fair and stable compensation of the Club’s permanent employees, who dedicate their time and energy to our continued development
  • Covering logistics and maintenance expenses (e.g. travel expenses to attend conferences)
  • Enabling us to access resources (e.g. academic journals) that will sharpen our expertise and thus further our educational purpose

The funding we receive will not be used for…
  • Distributing dividends or any other form of profit among our team
  • Investing in or donating to any third-party organization

Sponsoring us would also benefit you, through…
  • Increased visibility, which can bring about new resources (potential followers and partners)
  • Receiving our expert advice
  • Setting up joint projects and events
  • Tax-deductible contributions, depending on your nationality and fiscal situation