Our club is based upon the principles of reasonism, which argues as follows:

1. Human beings should, in general, employ their minds as much as possible.

2. All intelligent life should seek to be as rational, logical, and scientific as possible – in tune with other principles such as the pursuit of pleasure and happiness.

3. While (reactive) emotions, (biological) drives, and (inborn) instincts de facto impact human action, the ultimate guide to decision-making and behavior should be reason alone. This is because only pure, unadulterated, and uncompromised reason has the power to uncover ultimate truths – unlike emotions, drives, and instincts, that cloud our judgement.

4. Reasonism doesn't use or promote supernaturalism, revelation, superstition, and all other forms of irrationality.

5. Reason is the organizing and driving principle of the entire universe.

Future philosophy (2030+)

In the future, we will gravitate towards neo-reasonism,

which is based on the following postulates:

1. We currently do not know why sapient life appeared in the universe.

2. The fundamental purpose of our lives is to answer this question.

3. Trying to understand the reason behind the emergence of sapient life leads us to seek out the reason behind the apparition of life altogether (in any form), and of the universe itself. In this respect, we cannot exclude the existence of multiple universes or even other types of systems.

4. Once we have understood the purpose for which sapient life emerged in the universe, we can enact that purpose, thereby fulfilling our role.

5. The only means for this entire enterprise is science.

In this pursuit, humanity is faced with the following five key tasks:

1. The survival of sapient life

2. A constant or increasing direct scientific search for the reason behind the emergence of sapient life (starting with the field of Physics)

The effectiveness and efficiency of this search can be enhanced by:

3. Increasing human intelligence (including through formal and social sciences)

4. Developing auxiliary applied sciences and technologies that can serve as tools in our quest

Finally, if we manage to solve the mystery behind the apparition of sapient life, we can move on to:

5. The search for and/or creation of previously unknown sapient species