Club-wide projects

We also co-produce public-facing reports and other types of content,

that are updated annually and built upon science-based metrics.

Our members' projects
  • Member: Amina Ibragimova
    The aim of MineGenics is to protect human life by preventing cardiovascular diseases.
  • Member: Olga Gurova
    The TEPLO Mental Health Platform helps Ukrainian refugees to overcome the traumatic consequences of war and forced displacement.
  • Member: Ludmila Saloid
    The WhoAmI Career Guidance Academy helps organizations to improve their methods for task assignment, ability assessment, and human resources management.
  • Member: Lev Gordon
    Living Cities Earth is an interdisciplinary action research network, connecting 10,000 cities and a web of integral experts serving Gaia’s well-being.
  • Member: Anatoly Balayev
    Spiral Dynamics is the latest integral model of the architecture of consciousness, which introduces a cutting-edge conceptualization of stages in the development of individuals and society. It describes the progressive change in people's values as their thinking becomes more complex.
  • Member: Xenia Sidorenka
    UseDem promotes upcycling as a solution to reduce textile waste and to save water resources. We source used jeans and other textiles and transform them into marketable products.
  • TQS Consulting
    Member: Oksana Orlova-Gorskaya
    TQS Consulting helps companies implement successful change in the areas of strategy and human resources management, based on advanced technologies, data analytics, and industry specifics.
  • Evrica Group
    Member: Vlad Lario
    The Evrica Group is a cleaning company that provides bespoke cleaning services at reasonable prices using quality products and the latest techniques.
  • LapinaCareer
    Member: Natalia Lapina
  • LongLifeLab Ventures
    Member: Evgeniy Larionov

    LongLifeLab Ventures is a startup factory with a focus on digital and preventive medicine. We provide entrepreneurs with all the necessary expert support, market and audience research, acceleration, and necessary administrative services. We help them to build relationships with business angels and to adapt their projects to the global market.

  • UNIM
    Member: Alex Remez

    UNIM’s expertise lies in the morphology stage of oncology diagnostics. Our strategic priority is software development in the field of digital pathology.

  • Member: Olga Novikova

    Smart cities improve the quality of life for their residents and visitors by leveraging data-driven insights and automation in order to streamline processes, reduce waste, and enhance overall efficiency.

  • Heartful Business
    Member: Dmitry Riman
    Heartful Business helps companies and leaders become more heartful to unleash their potential.