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We are glad to share the summary of the 15th SDG+ club meeting. The original video is already uploaded:
Thanks to those who participated.

1. Lev Gordon ( TG, Linked In, FB) talked on Integral Personal Development, a powerful methodology of personal growth and development, allowing to uncover internal potential of people, organizations, and cities. It offers a wider than merely professional perspective on human development. Integral development as a cradle for human happiness and creativity, bedrock foundation not only for success, but predominantly for happiness. It is based on 200 scientific approaches (from psychology, philosophy, biology, and many other fields).
It is comprised of 7 blocks, each focusing on a certain aspect of personal development: Grow up, Wake up, Open up, Clean up, Show up. All of them are united in a synthetic map of reality of how people live their lives, showing the pattern of growth from one level of complexity and understanding to other levels.

1.1 Growing up is developing one’s consciousness in multiple dimensions, treating life as a bliss. Each person can do this on a daily basis. Daily practices will lead you to feel constant presence of your life, metaphorically being a pilot in the plane of your own life and flying itup or down. Eventually being master and author of your life will give you a lot of freedom.
1.2 Waking up is connecting to larger existence. Practices allowing you to develop world-centric view and go from ego centric mode to ethno- centric, leading to empathetic relationship building with much closer connections. Eventually you will end up seeing yourself as connected to all of life.
1.3 Opening up is based on self-development, which in turn is comprised of 7 lines, all interconnected: emotional, relational, moral, spiritual, kinesthetic, sexuality, aesthetic. Even though cognitive is considered to be the primary one, they all develop in balance as, for example, if a person with high intelligence has low morals, it will eventually be harmful for society.
1.4 Cleaning up is working with your traumas and complexes. As children we all go through certain experiences, meet some difficult circumstances that end up in fears, conflicts. They create some imprints that affect our life further and we have to “clean up the mess”. The main tool is observation, it forms the skill of understanding yourself and saying, for example, “I am depressed” or “I am angry”. Luggage from past experiences will multiply it and distort your vision of situations. Before you become big and visible in the world and try to change it, you have to do the cleaning up.
1.5 Showing up is the way of manifesting yourself in the world, it is an invitation to understanding the whole map of reality. But before making steps in the world you have to pay attention to the previous 4 points.
The key principle is balancing your interests with interests of other people. Unit of happiness for myself equals to unit of happiness given to others.

You have to continuously extend you circle of care:
ego => people close to you => other people you don’t know => other forms of life (animals, etc.) => ecosystem of the whole earth. Integral development approach works on the level of human life and much larger systems. Applying these principles takes years, but changes are tremendous.

2. New member Dmitry Riman (TG, Linked In, FB) resides in Thailand, originally from Samara. Top manager, consulter, mentor, expertise in leadership, building teams and management. Interested in mindfulness practices and applying them to business. Studies the affection of inner state of leaders on their teams’ performance.

3. Ruslan Saliev (TG, Linked In, FB) presented himself and his ISDP. 20+ years in IT, product development and Banking. Founder of several startups. Graduated from the Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics. PMP and PMI-ACP certifications. For 5 years worked in Sber as Executive director in Welfare business (Asset management, Insurance, Pensions, PFM), developed synergy with Sber ecosystem (100+ subsidiary companies), implemented innovations (tech and new business models) and coordinated the ESG agenda. From August of 2022 as a CPO developing the HealthTech startup called Lifeum (human lifespan extension B2C and B2B solution). One of the oldest members of SDG+ club. Currently lives in Cyprus and develops the project LIFEUM, a service for physicians and patients that generates personal health optimization plan for lifespan extension of up to 120 years.

4. New member Anna Borovova (TG, Linked In, FB) currently living in Berlin, specializes in E-com product building, tech and entrepreneurship. Business school grad in economics and business administration, Higher School of Economics alumni.

5. Olga Andersen (TG, Linked In, FB) presented ISDP and her project Wake Up Academy (softskills.wakeup-s.com ) - a platform diagnosing person’s 45 soft skills (all of them are grouped in soft skills, power skills, management skills and digital skills) metrics using artificial intelligence. Based on the soft skills matrix formed in the assessment process a unique personalized learning track is formed. The outcome of the education is final diagnostics showing person’s progress on each of the soft skills. Upskilling teams with Wake Up academy will make their work more effective. Wake Up academy team aims at development of soft skills standard in education that will be widely recognized and applied.
This powerful tool is under construction, so Olga is looking for HR professionals for custdev. If you know someone, Olga could invite for a 30 min interview, please let her know on TG.

6. Khalid Dianov (TG, Linked In, FB) presented analysis of the current situation and prospects of China’s sustainable development.
Key figures and facts:
• China is the fastest growing country in the world in terms of GDP, in last 40 years it grew 88 times. The consequence of this growth is that 32,8% of total world CO2 emissions is produced by China.
• 16 trillion USD are budgeted to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060.
• 1,1 trillion USD is total global investment in energy transition and 49% of it was spent by China alone.
• Individual companies in China emit equivalent quantities of carbon dioxide as whole countries (BAOWU emits same amount as whole of Pakistan)
• Sinopek, a petrochemical giant is investing in Greentech: about 2 billion dollars in just one year and plan to invest 4,6 billion till 2025. It illustrates the intention of Chinese companies, partially because of governmental pressure, to invest in sustainable development.
• In 2022 the volume of ESG related financing was over 3 trillion USD.
• China is currently working on a national ESG standard system not to be discriminated by EU/US standards, Russia is doing the same. Sber is driving this agenda.
• The motto of the current 5-year economical “sprint” of China is “learn, copy, buy from China”. It’s a big transition from “Made in China” that was acute 10-15 years ago.
Khalid’s mission is to advise both Sber and Chinese companies on ESG-related investment.

7. Anton Sobe-Panek (TG, Linked In) Monthly SDG+ club digest, monthly ISDP status.
• An article on 7 key sustainability technologies for energy written (to be published soon)
• Number of potential Sustainable Energy services described (to be published soon)
• 5 tons of CO2 emissions optimized due to the remote participation in the conference
An interview about SDG+ club and its mission given
• An article on Carbon removal is published. It has the potential to disrupt the perception of this topiс as it’s a 10 trillion USD market per year and it’s a “blue ocean” companies need to tap into
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Next meeting is scheduled for 18.03.2023, 17:00 Moscow time. Agenda is under construction, if you would like to volunteer to be a speaker, please drop a line to Evgenia or Ashraf.