Hello guys!

We are glad to share the summary of the 16th SDG club meeting 2023. The original video is already uploaded.
Thanks to those who participated.

1. Anton Sobe-Panek’s (LinkedIn), ISDP (give and take), ISDP Handbook, monthly insights on health and productivity, SDG+ Framework update (Foresight 2030-2100+ project).

Anton’s ISDP: the major goal is to trigger changes in the biggest companies of the world through work, SDG+ club development and social media presence (blog).

ISDP Handbook is what we are all co-creating together. It is a repository of science-based metrics and ways of achieving them to make our lifestyles more sustainable.

Foresight 2030-2100+ project is a project that we will be making together as community and that will outline near and far-away future through different aspects of the future that we are building right now.

SDG+ Framework is covering the individual level (us as citizents, consumers, clients, investors etc.), corporate (business), city/community and (inter)governmental levels through the connection between SDGs (UN stated sustainable development goals), ESG (Environmental, Social, and corporate Governance) and CPI (city prosperity index). It also shows how reasonism is the basis for human development and the route to the future. We should be responsible for this development, we cannot outsource it to governments, corporations and authorities. Sustainability will go beyond the SDGs and certainly beyond 2030, there will be new challenges for the humanity, new technologies and approaches.

2. David Tuganov ( LinkedIn ) residing in Kazakhstan is an expert in digital transformation, change management and design thinking. He has vast experience in innovation management and has managed projects of transformation on governmental level, including change of medical legislation. Currently works as the Chief Growth Officer in Citix. He is also a co-founder of a number of non-profit organizations, coach (2000+ people trained within 200+ projects online and offline), mentor and a change management consultant.

3. Olga Gurova ( LinkedIn ) is an organizational psychologist, talent development and people management specialist with an amazing background of working with war-caused trauma. She is currently residing in USA (Boston) and is working on the TEPLO project, which is focused on helping Ukrainian refugees to overcome the negative traumatic consequences of war and relocation. Olga recommended a number of authors to study: Robert Kegan, Otto Scharmer, Lisa Lahey, Peter Senge.

Intention is a powerful force pushing us to create something new. Theory U developed by Otto Scharmer (MIT) is an awareness-based method of changing systems, it blends thinking, innovation and leading change. It says that we want to live in a better future but we keep creating the present that we don’t want to. We need to be aware and connected to what the world actually wants from us. He looks at this matter through Ecological, Social and Spiritual sides. Originally, we are immune to change and there is a number of methods on how to overcome this immunity:
  • Coaching circle / case clinic,
  • Listening assessment,
  • Empathy walk,
  • Sensing journeys,
  • Stakeholder interviews,
  • 3-D mapping,
  • Social presencing theatre,
  • Mindfulness practices,
  • Journaling.

4. Anatoly Balyaev (LinkedIn), originally from Nizhni Novgorod, Russia, has spent last 15 years developing the theory of Spiral Dynamics. He is an author of a number of books on it and a speaker. The theory is about human maturing, levels of this maturity, on how we achieve these different levels through changing values. Metaphorically the values are shown through gold: inner gold (invisible, subjective and spiritual) and outer gold (visible, objective and material). The idea is that the world needs both. Our evolution is still ongoing.

You don’t have just one mindset, but a number of them.
Anatoly is teaching this theory in a 10-week course and all the SDG+ club members are encouraged to join the next session.

5. Ilya Bovt (LinkedIn) gave a summary of his book “Happy Bees: Conscious Lifestyle Philosophy”. The theory describes how consciousness is constructed on a number of levels and how they are interconnected.

Key insights:
• Impulses of soul and behavior - all of that has unified nature, and is explained by how the system of life is arranged
• The system is far more complex than we can imagine, because the movement is explained by the meaning of a higher level than the level, on which the movement itself is happening. Motivation and happiness are determined by the proximity to the potential.
• Consciousness is the degree to which one understands their potential and implements it through his life.

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Next meeting is scheduled for 22.04.2023, 17:00 Moscow time. Agenda is under construction, if you would like to volunteer to be a speaker, please drop a line to @Evgenia_Chuma or @azamiashraf.