• The SDG+ club for me is an opportunity and a huge motivation to adjust my life goals and thus my activities in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. The concentration of incredible like-minded leaders is absolutely inspiring and creates unexpected synergies. I am very glad that the club is constantly developing and has already become global.
    Ruslan Saliev
    CPO of HealthTech startup Lifeum
  • I am not a specialist in sustainability,
    I am just getting immersed in the industry. I am very impressed by the diverse and interesting community of people that Anton has been able to bring together in this club. I largely trust their competence, and I value the thoughts and views that come from them. Besides, it's a broadening of my horizons, beyond my usual range of interests.
    Vlad Larionov
  • The club has brought together and continues to bring together progressive, open-minded people - experts in various professional fields. It is a platform where knowledge and experience become useful for the sustainable development of both the individual and humanity.
    Artem Nikolaev
    Chief Medical Officer
  • When strong people meet together to solve certain problems, they enrich themselves and others with new thoughts and knowledge. I see all this in the SDG+ club.
    Mikhail Shapkin
    IT-product owner & CFO
  • I am grateful to Anton for starting the important process of systematising knowledge on the topic of sustainable development. As the topic is very multi-faceted it attracts experts in different fields, topics, but whose experience and qualifications enrich each member of the community. Exchanges and meetings are enlightening, enriching and broadening my horizon. I sincerely wish the community to grow and develop and recommend everyone to participate.
    Ludmila Saloid
    Founder and leader of the WhoAmI Career Guidance Academy
  • I find the idea of SDG+ extremely timely and important - not only for each of the Club members, but for the future of humanity and for sustainable development and thriving of all forms of life on our planet. To change the world we start with ourselves and this is exactly what SDG+ is for - to have the inspiring vision, excellent framework and supportive community for personal and collective transformation!
    Lev Gordon
    Co-founder of Living Cities Earth
  • Anton has managed to gather a community of truly conscious people with values of development and realisation. A friendly, supportive atmosphere and a unique format - to change ourselves - changing the world for the better.
    Natalia Lapina
    Career Coach